Editing Documents for a Law Office (Rates?)

<p>I wasn't sure where to post this but my friend referred me to an attorney who needs editing help and I was wondering what would be a reasonable rate? I want to do this to help to pay for school but according to him he is very "cost-effective" (for lack of a better word).</p>

<p>Are any of you involved or know of anyone who does this and what a reasonable rate would be?</p>

<p>I worked on this kind of stuff over the summer before my sophomore year and I think I made about $14 an hour or something, for 8 hours a day 5 days a week. So it was a bit over $500 a week, not that much.</p>

<p>$10-$12 an hour seems to be the going rate in New York, for an undergrad, part time, at entry level, at a small law firm.</p>

<p>$10-$12 is probably about right. Depends on where you work and what job(s) you do. I was a lawyer assistant at Shearman & Sterling, if that makes any difference.</p>