Edmonds Hall

<p>Got assigned here as an incoming transfer -- heard it wasn't too great. If anyone has had experience with Edmonds, do you mind sharing some facts/advice about living here? Do we have A/C; is the apartment divided with two separate doubles? I'm on the first floor, which I think I lucked out with. Thanks.</p>

<p>Apartments in Edmond's Hall have two people per bedroom, with either four or six people per apartment. They contain a private bathroom, living room, dining area, and full kitchen. You can use your BC user name and password to access the actual floor plans here:</p>

<p>Residence</a> Hall Floorplans - Boston College</p>

<p>Gonna be starting my third straight semester there in the fall. It's a good dorm, mix of grades and a lot of athletes live there too. It's not as fancy as some of the other dorms upperclassmen get like Voute or Gabelli but it is very spacious. Especially for sophomore housing, Edmonds is great. Closest dorm to the plex, Hillside is on your way to classes, and not too far from Lower. Also super close to Alumni and Conte forum. Walking up the million dollar stairs can get old but keeps you in shape and there is always the campanella way elevator.</p>

<p>Edmonds is the biggest dorm here. For a sophomore it is really nice and definitely the best option behind vandy/90. For a senior it's a last resort but I guess it's probably alright because so many people end up there.</p>

<p>My friend lived their last year and had a piece of her ceiling fall in on her. It's probably the worst kept dorm and I think it might be the oldest(?) or one of the only without recent renovations. But again, to live in apartment style housing as a sophomore is a pretty sweet deal. Just be happy you didn't end up on CoRo, although plenty of people who live there are proud to be there too (similar to newtonites). That's where I will be next year...</p>