Education Major in California

I am currently studying at a community college with plans to transfer. I have recently decided that I want to become an elementary school teacher. I have discovered that at my college, I could choose to complete my AA-T in Elementary Education. I would go on to transfer into the Liberal Studies(I believe this is correct?) major at a 4-year. I wanted to know if completing the AA-T is a good idea or should I just finish the IGETC.

Also, is majoring in education (or Liberal Studies) the right route to become an elementary school teacher. Or should I choose a different major, such as a subject instead?
Any suggestions for schools in california?


Are you currently a resident of California?

Yes, I grew up here.
So far my CSU list is CSULB, SDSU, Sonoma, and Northridge for their Liberal Studies/Education programs. I’m still trying to choose the UC schools to put on my list. From what I see I would be minoring in education at most of them because I’ve only seen education majors at UC Irvine and UCLA so far. BTW I will be a transfer student.