Education major starting right away or as a junior within a school? Any recommendations for schools

My dd is a junior and we’re starting to look at schools. She loves kids and has been help in the classroom at our temple and as a counselor at a local camp during the summer. She isn’t sure what level at this point, so the school needs to teach all levels.

None of the state schools in CA seem the right fit. UCs don’t have an education department and the CSUs don’t have much of a campus life.

So far, she is drawn to the direct admit and getting into the classroom sooner rather than later. Drexel and Butler are currently her favorites due to getting in the classroom right away and the mentorship after. And UCONN, but she’s reluctant to go there because it’s not direct admit to Education and her brother goes there.

Any advice or recommendation for other schools to check out is appreciated.

It’s expensive, but take a look at Syracuse. My D is a sophomore elementary inclusive Ed major there and is very happy. They are helping out in schools from the very first se,ester, with increasing time and responsibility through the years.

If she’s willing to come to NY, she should look at SUNY Plattsburgh. It has a direct admit program with an option for a 5 year masters (disclosure - my D is a grad), it may be cheaper than Syracuse for many people. There are OOS scholarships available as well. IIRC, they get into the classroom environment early. My D did early and childhood education and worked at the campus day care her first semester.

Getting into the classroom as soon as possible is a good thing. Both of my daughter’s had some classroom experience starting their 1st semester…

In terms of schools, definitely make sure that she graduates certified to teach. And I’ll add a contrary view to some posters. Don’t worry about staying in the state she attends school, instead look a schools with reciprocity to a state she might want to end up in.

My daughter’s had good experiences at Beloit and Juniata.