EE having trouble with 400 level classes

Hey everyone,

I’m a 4th year EE student at an ABET certified school. I’ve already done a coop with a large manufacturing company and got great reviews/offered to come back. Also, I have accepted another coop this summer/fall with a different company. GPA is roughly 3.3 (and dropping).

I excelled in all the “weed-out” classes. A or A- in Physics 1 & 2, Calc 1 & 2, Chem, and Circuits 1 & 2. However since I’ve gotten to my upper level EE courses I’ve only gotten C’s and a couple B’s. I’m currently failing my two 400 level classes. I don’t have the best study habits but I’ve been trying to work on getting better. I had a part time job all through college until this semester since I quit to focus on school but I’m still struggling.

The main problem I’m having is most of my current classes are irrelevant to the type of work I want to do with my degree. I am very hands on and love to troubleshoot so I would like to be a test/field engineer. I worked at a large manufacturing plant during my coop and excelled at that work. I don’t need to know transmission line losses or the Jacobian of a matrix to solve a state space equation at a job like this.

So I have two questions:

Should I just grit my teeth and work through this or just be okay with getting a D and letting my GPA drop? (Since it isn’t a prereq I can get a D and still pass)

Is it too late to find a school with an EETech program? (My current school doesn’t offer it) How much more school would I be looking at trying to transfer now with only a semester or two left?

Any other suggestions or tips are greatly appreciated.




You have already gotten this far in a very useful degree, and you want to switch degrees just because two classes at the very end of the degree program don’t appeal to you? That seems quite ridiculous to me.

Agree with Neo^^^. Most schools wouldn’t admit you because you have too many units.
Engineering is a hard major and if you can maintain a 3.0 and above, you’re good to go.

Alright thanks for the advice. I do sound ridiculous when you put it that way NeoDymium haha. I guess the stress from my upcoming midterms has been getting to me!