Eek! Common App online issues!

I’ve been having some issues with the Common App online, and wanted some CC opinions. Here are the problems I’ve run into.

<li>I couldn’t fit the honors into the short awards/honors section</li>
<li>It cut off my additional info/explation of E.C.s after 2000 characters, even though it promises 6,000.</li>
<li>It randomly inserts line breaks, even though I followed their advice on formatting.</li>

Anyways, what I did to counter 1 and 2 is as follows: I typed in half of my additional information into the academic honors box, then typed in all the awards.

I typed the other half of the additional info into the additional info form.

The result is a “please see additional page” under the honors part of the PDF print preview. Then, the first appended page list my E.C.s and the second appended page continues smoothly (though it’s actually pulling data from the academic honors form), listing the rest of my E.C.s, and finally awards.

Do you guys think this is OK? I’m as usual, paranoid.
Also, does 1.5 pages of appended EC info followed by half a page of awards seem too “laundry list” – most of the space is taken explaining the activities and describing achievments within them. Will it hurt me/ will adcoms lose focus if not all my activities are in the little check marked boxes specifically on the form? Will they even read all the way through the second page? I wish it would just allow me to upload a pdf of my activity summary… that would be so much easier.

Oh, and any ideas on how to get rid of the weird line spacing issue? I know it’s superficial but I don’t want to look incompetent.

<p>to solve line breaks: at the ends of lines after which you pressed enter or return, make sure there are no extra spaces like this.__</p>

<p>Thanks... worked like a charm. Amazingly, I condsider myself quite computer literate, though I'm sure it doesn't show.</p>