EEK! SAT on October!!

<p>Hi everyone, this is my first post ever :) and I'm just extremely worried that 2 months is not enough to raise my SAT score up 150 points or so....I got a 2060 the first time, but I haven't studied since then....I will study from now on 2 hours a day! So what do you guys think???</p>

<p>If you are actually going to study 2 hours every day, which I highly doubt you will, your score will go up more than 150 points. If you DO actually study 2 hours every day, the more power to you. Buy a big SAT book with 10 practice tests in it and take every one, and time yourself like it's the real thing. You'll have plenty of time to do so if you spend 2 hours a day studying, which you won't. That's simply unrealistic; you're hyped up because you're worried and, as a result, you've set too high of expectations for yourself. Good luck!</p>

<p>im in the same boat as you. this is my third time taking the sat.
i realized tho that instead of studying for the test as a whole,
I am going to focus on the parts that bring me down.
For instance,
I got a 2150 single sitting... 750 math, 760 writing, 640 cr
im going to focus on vocabulary for cr so that i can hopefully bring it to a 700</p>

<p>hope this helps</p>

<p>hahah you guys are right. since I posted this, i havent studied close to 2 hours everyday...sigh....But i'll definately take your suggestions!!!!thanks guys!!!!</p>