Efan for 2010-11

<p>Has any continuing undergrad student received their e-fan yet? I still haven't got mine. All I see is that my apllication is complete and i have a financial need of $25,000 , but no awards yet.</p>

<p>I'm in the same boat. Still waiting for 2010-2011 PLUS summer travel aid info. I was supposed to receive an eFAN by the END OF MAY. Technically it still is, but we'll see..</p>

<p>I searched this forum and people last year posted they had been released around mid July.</p>

<p>I think maybe FAO is waiting for all the Spring grades to come in before they decide on the financial aid packages. I had to borrow $4,900 last year so I am really scared that i will have to borrow more this year with the fee increase.</p>

<p>Oh oops, I didn't read the word continuing. My bad. (:</p>

<p>have you heard anything or is it just a hunch?</p>

<p>Jerrycoracai, I am just guessing haha... I wish i had heard something from FAO so that I don't have to sit here and wonder about it. Any junior or senior who can enlighten us on this matter?</p>