EFC and Net price calcs

<p>On these, when referencing stocks that were left to me in a will (I'm 17) but I cannot access until 21, and are therefore currently under my moms control, does that fall under what assets I have, or what assets my parents have?</p>

<p>Whose SSN is associated with the stocks?</p>

<p>If it's under yours (and that's the most likely case), then it's your asset--even if don't have full control of the asset.</p>

<p>D2 had some stocks left to her when she was 15 and her dad died. The stocks belonged to her with her remaining parent (me) having custodial control until she turned 18. (IOW, she couldn't sell them independently without my written approval. Or vote on stockholder issues for that matter. However, any dividends were reported to the IRS as her earnings.)</p>

<p>Yeah, dividends are reported as my earnings. So i assume that means stocks are under my ssn. Thanks for the help!</p>