Efc help! Fafsa help! Urgent!

<p>Hey guys,</p>

<p>Last semester I didn't get any money due to how high the EFC of my parents income was. I was wondering for this years aid (2012 - 2013), if I file myself independent will my EFC be lowered? I only worked for 5 months and didn't make that much. PLEASE HELP!</p>

<p>You cannot file as independent unless you can answer yes to one of the dependency questions. I am guessing that you will need to include parent info.</p>

<p>You can't just "file as an independent". You have to qualify to do so. Are you married, do you have a child you support, are you an orphan, are you an armed forces veteran, are you 24 years old, do you have a bachelors degree, we're you in guardianship (not your parents) prior to age 18?</p>

<p>If not, you are dependent for financial aid purposes.</p>

<p>If you qualify as an independent, and "worked" for five months (meaning you are now unemployed), your EFC certainly will be lower, if not 0.</p>

<p>Once again, the student is most likely not independent. If he is, though, remember that a low EFC does not automatically equal more aid. Certainly if the income was low enough that the student has a 0 EFC, there will be a Pell grant. But Pell and loans are the only things that are "for sure."</p>

<p>Guys look, I really dont want to pull out this loan unless its the last option I can resource to. I wanted to file myself independent on the 2012 - 2013 FAFSA, but I heard that I would be fined 50,000 if I lie about it. I just really need this Pell Grant. It didn't show up on my FAFSA, when I completed it. The only thing that it said was "Direct Stafford Loan." I was worried. Plus my EFC was 14,000. Thats very bad. Im on the verge of almost dropping out of community college due to this financial issue.</p>

<p>AnthonyLam -</p>

<p>If your community college is like most of them, a Stafford Loan would cover the tuition and fees. OR, you should be able to make up the difference with a part-time job. You are absolutely not going to qualify for a Pell if you have an EFC of 14,000! Where did you get that notion from?</p>

<p>And you cannot just declare yourself as "independent" for financial aid purposes. AND yes, it is considered FRAUD to misrepresent information on the FAFSA to gain financial aid. You run the risk of losing all aid, having to repay aid you were wrongfully given, lose your admitted student status, AND yes...get fined.</p>

<p>It said 14,098 as my EFC when I completed my FAFSA online. I was going to cry when I saw those numbers. That was for 2012 - 2013 FAFSA. I hate school. It's so much going on!</p>

I hate school. It's so much going on!


<p>Another option if the finances don't work out for you is to work and take a class or two as you finish up your community college work. Continue working and wait until you are 24 to finish up your degree if your parents cannot contribute to your education. Many, many kids do this so you won't be the "old person" on campus at age 24.</p>

<p>So your parents have a high EFC but they're not helping you? I'm very sorry the finances aren't working out for you. But, please: Heed the warnings of people advising you not to lie about your status. You do not want to defraud the government. Not a good way to start your adult life.</p>

<p>How much are the fees at your community college?</p>

<p>Do you live at home?</p>

<p>Do your parents help with any college costs?</p>

<p>My college tuition fees are around 800 per class. I live at home and I have a job that pays minimum wage. My parents hate doing it cause they don't have enough money to pay for the house mortgage.</p>

<p>Which CC charges a rate of $800/class?! I did a quick google search and, of the 4 MD CC's I checked, the rates were about half that! Anyway, it looks like Stafford loans for now will help you pay for at least some of your classes. If your local CC is that high then I would certainly look to take some classes online at other CC's in your state with more reasonable rates.</p>

<p>^^It's high but possible...most of our area kids are out of district for the community college they attend (and live at home and drive to) so they pay over $200 a credit hour plus fees etc. Not quite $800 but if the OP includes books....its possible.... and I just checked another popular CC near our vacation place and they, too, while a touch cheaper than $200 have high out of district rates....so yes I know two CCs in Michigan where $800 a class or close to it is very possible. That said, full Stafford would cover 12 credit hours (and books and fees...even at $800 for a 3 credit hour class).</p>

<p>Holy cow, which MI CC's cost that much?! My very good metro Detroit local CC costs:
$60.10/credit hour
Non-residents of County
$101.70/credit hour
Out-of-state and International students
$142.70/credit hour</p>

<p>Idk how it works in other states, but in NY one can avoid the "out of county" surcharge by simply getting a Certificate of Residency from their home county and submitting it to the college early in the semester. Also, for full-time students the SUNY CC's charge a flat rate of $3480/year for instate...isn't a flat full-time tuition rate available in MD and other states?</p>

<p>No. My son's U (not the flagship) is $331.25/credit hour fr/soph, $362/credit hour jr/sr. Lucky us ... he is a junior in his 3rd semester.</p>

<p>Tuition at the community colleges in CT can be fully funded for about a year with just the Stafford loan.</p>

<p>Im just scared of pulling out a loan knowing that in the future it might come back and get me. :(</p>