EFC of $3385

<li>With an EFC of $3385, how much can I expect in Pell? Around $2200?</li>

<p>Entering second year at UC Irvine. My financial aid award hasn't been released yet.</p>

<p>I'll most likely be living in an off-campus apt, rent+utils will be (~$400) (2bed 5 ppl apt).</p>

<p>Cal grant - $10,302</p>

<p>So cost of attendance will be around: $10,302 + rent + food (400 + 200ish, *9) + books/supplies (1000) + misc. (400)</p>

<p>COA ~ $17k?</p>

-$2,200 (Pell, if it will be this much)
-$750 ACG (or however it was adjusted after '10)
-??? (UCI Grant if possible)</p>

<p>~$3850 = NEED</p>

<li><p>^, can be covered by stafford loans? Anyone know how they decide if we get unsubs or subs?</p></li>
<li><p>Will I receive a work-study award with this EFC?</p></li>

<p>Hopefully I figured this out the right way, please advise on any mistakes made and feel free to make any adjustments. Thank you in advance for the answers to the questions.</p>

<p>Wrong board, can moderator remove please? Or is there a way to edit original?</p>