EFC: sound right?

<p>My family had an adjusted income of about 73K this year and we have 4 in our family. I will be the only one in college next year. Does an EFC of around 8K sound right? Will most schools meet up to that including work study and federal loans?</p>

<p>No that sounds low. Is that from the FAFSA?
EFC is generally 1/3 to 1/4 of before tax income.
Most schools also do not meet 100% of need.
Schools that do meet 100% of need, often use the PROFILE as well to determine available assets.</p>

<p>Seems way too low, check your data entry. Is this an estimate or actual FAFSA? On your second question, no, most schools won't meet that for most students.</p>

<p>It could be right if it's HYPS or another of the few super aid schools. For an average aid school it sounds very low.</p>

<p>I entered 9 LACs and 1 research uni. I still have to add more. I thought the EFC stayed the same for each school? It's not the SAR from the FAFSA, but it's what they predicted after I sent it in. The income posted is before taxes, and they were about 6K.</p>

<p>Have taxes been filed?
Have you filed the PROFILE?
* FAFSA* EFC is the same for each school, but each school that uses the PROFILE will utilize that info differently.
Some schools will also have their own forms .</p>

<p>I noticed on several other threads you were asking about a $12K EFC, that sounds a little closer although still low.</p>

<p>Where did the $8K EFC come from?</p>

<p>*Will most schools meet up to that including work study and federal loans? *</p>

<p>Will "most school" meet that? NO, most will not. Most schools do NOT meet need.</p>

<p>However, we don't know which schools are YOUR SCHOOLS. Where did YOU apply?</p>

<p>Also, that EFC sounds a bit low. </p>

<p>Also, do any of your schools use CSS Profile?</p>

<p>Fafsa-only schools most often do not meet need. Many CSS schools don't meet need, either. </p>

<p>Did you use the NPCs on each schools' website? If so, what were the outcomes? Can you copy/paste some here?</p>

<p>That sounds unreasonably low for a FAFSA EFC. If it's not from the SAR from the FAFSA, where did that number come from?</p>

<p>If it means anything to compare, rbouwens, I entered about 1/2 that income with a household of 2 also with 1 in college for the coming semester and I got around 8k for an EFC as well. So, it may seem low. Then again I thought mine was too high!</p>

<p>That EFC per FAFSA seems very low...If I were guestimating it...I would have said about $14,000 or so for the year.</p>

<p>When you submit the FAFSA, it brings you to a page that predicts the things that you MAY qualify for immediately after you submit it.....on mine, it had EFC=08XXX, which I'm assuming was a dollar amount. I also qualified for a 5500 Stafford loan. That's all it said. I do not have the SAR yet; I still need my mom's sig.</p>

<p>I don't know what else to say; I looked over the numbers multiple times and my mom did too. Our tax lady even told us the numbers to use.</p>

<p>The schools that I sent the FAFSA to this round all use the PROFILE, except 1, I think. I have that filled out but I need to double check everything before I send it. The next round (or 2), none of them will use the profile, but they have their own forms. I have the profile going to around 10-ish schools.</p>

<p>Check the taxes paid. I bet they are too high. It's not the taxes paid on the W2 ... it's the taxes paid on the 1040 (line 55). Common mistake.</p>

<p>Our EFC came out right around 10% of our AGI. Our numbers are correct. While I don't have the experience of most of the posters on this thread, based on our experience, I would think that the OP's EFC sounds about right, especially if they have no assets/hidden money.</p>

<p>Crazymonster, it can be 10% at a lower income than $73k. It would not be 10% at that income, though. If you work through the formula, you will see that it's not possible.</p>

<p>^ ah ok. I didn't realize that. I also don't know what the formula is. Just for reference. Our income is not low enough for Pell.</p>

<p>$8783 my bad :).......still not official though.</p>

<p>I got an email saying my SAR is ready, but my account says it's processing.....?</p>

<p>That sounds low to me too...my AGI is in that ballpark and the EFC came out more than $13k.</p>

<p>An AGI of between 73 and 76k and 3 in household 1 in college no assets gave me and EFC of $12k. </p>

<p>When I used calculators for private schools(need meeting), amount left to pay was between 7 and 10k out of pocket</p>

<p>rbouwens, your EFC per FAFSA is above the threshold for any federally funded grants. At this point, all you can really do is wait to see what the colleges award you. You will AT LEAST be expected to pay your EFC.</p>