EFC worksheet as a spreadsheet ?

<p>Does anyone know if the 2012-2013 EFC worksheet is available as a spreadsheet ? This just seems to make allot of sense. Or has anyone overlayed the PDF on top of a spreadsheet ? Even if the spreadsheet had no formulas built into it, most of us can manage it. Would be a very good (autonomous ) tool to help plan finances.</p>

<p>I created one manually as a Google doc which I'd send you but it's very out of date. It's easy to do, although you'd probably want to hard code some things like the state tax allowance and the parents' age-based asset allowance.</p>

<p>I have used google doc . Does it translate a PDF into a spreadsheet?</p>

<p>There are software tools that convert PDFs to Excel spreadsheets, although I have no idea how well they work.</p>

<p>I just did that and smoothing out the EFC spreadsheet . Only for dependent student at 9 month needs based.</p>