Effect of a Mediocre GPA on Apps

I bombed freshman year of high school, like really bad. I spent the next two years getting back on track with all As. Unfortunately, because of my grades in freshman year, my GPA at the end of junior year is only a 3.37. Do I have a chance of getting into a school like JMU or any other University with around a 60% acceptance rate?

Additional information:

  • All As in 10th grade (but they were regular classes)
  • All As and 1 B+ in 11th grade (All honors and 1 AP)
  • I’m planning on taking honors, 2 DE, and 1 AP class in 12th grade
  • My only extracurricular activities are working on the play running sound for the the theatre club in 11th grade which I plan to do next year as well
  • The reason I don't have any more ECs is because I've been doing martial arts outside of school for years (Does that count as an EC on apps?)

JMU looks at trends so you still have a great chance.

Martial Arts counts as an EC.

What major are you interested in pursuing?

I am considering a biology major although I’m not sure if it would be better to put undecided since I’m still thinking it through.

With good SAT or ACT scores and excellent rec letters and essay, you could be competitive. But make sure you have some solid matches and safeties on your list.

You are not obligated to pursue the major that you put on your application, so you could put either. The academic admissions piece is to JMU in general. Many majors have a separate application. For most, except arts majors, this application to be formally admitted to the major is after you have already completed a semester to two years at JMU. I am not sure the policy for Biology, but it will be listed on the Biology program website whether it is a major that requires a separate application to be formally admitted to the major after completing prerequisites.

I got into JMU as a biology major with a 3.37 going into my senior year, I worked really hard and got a 3.7 gpa my senior year with a total of 7 ap classes and some honors classes throughout high school and a 1970 SAT and 33 ACT I also think my essays were really strong. So don’t give up hope you can do it! Just work hard and make sure you apply to multiple colleges that are safeties because you never know what will happen. I also do martial arts and I definitely counted them as an EC because they are a big part of my life. :slight_smile: good luck!