Effective APUSH self-study methods? (2 months)

I’m currently a junior taking a former APUSH class-turned honors history course and I’m trying to self-study for the APUSH exam. The problem is, I’m starting with my self-studying now with a little over two months left until the APUSH exam.

I’ve purchased the AMSCCO APUSH book, the Princeton Review APUSH book, and have received recs for JOCz, Heimler’s, Crash Course, and Adam Norris. I’ve also been listening to the A Teacher’s History of the US and Mankato West APUSH podcasts.

With the time crunch, though, I’m unsure as to how I can efficiently study the material (I can probably dedicate an hour a day, maybe 2 on weekends to APUSH max).

1. Would you recommend watching the AP classroom videos in addition to, or in replacement of, JOCz/Heimler/Crash Course/Adam Norris? Or, would you recommend I ditch AP classroom altogether and focus on the YT videos?

2. When watching videos/reading the books, should I take notes? / How can I take notes efficiently?

3. Going off of the last question, what should I take notes on, and what is “unnecessary” info?

4. Fellow self-studiers: How do you hold yourself accountable to staying on track?

5. Fellow self-studiers: How have you been able to receive feedback on DBQ/LEQs?

**6. Fellow self-studiers: What’s an appropriate amount of time to dedicate to self-studying AP exams per day/week?

Thank you all so much!