Effective SAT Teachers / Tutors?

<p>I am preparing to lead an SAT prep class on the Critical Reading section in a few weeks, and since I've never done this before, I'd love for some of you guys to share your experiences in SAT prep classes with me.</p>

<p>For anyone who has taken an SAT prep class or had an SAT tutor, could you please tell me...</p>

<p>What was the most effective thing your teacher / tutor did?
What did you like about your teacher / tutor?
What could s/he have done better?</p>

<p>Specifically on the Critical Reading...</p>

<p>What tips / tricks did s/he share with you that were particularly helpful?
What activities in class and homework assignments were particularly helpful?
Did anything s/he did seem particularly unhelpful or confusing?</p>

<p>Thanks so much for helping me out!</p>

<p>Question 1.
Really the writing section. I never knew common mistakes i made
Question 2.
Nothing really. He was nice I guess
Question 3.
Do CR better....
Question 4.
Nothing that PR/kaplan/ any other program teaches you. + and -. etc. make notes in the passages. they also told me to find something in the passage and STAY with that thing to keep yourself happy. The happier you are for a passage, the better you will do
Question 5.
Nothing other than 1-2 sections in between clastimes
Question 6.

<p>When you say "Do CR better," what do you mean? That's the section I'm teaching, so I'd love to learn from your teacher's mistakes.</p>