Ek, what is going on? Concerns cited about popular Garfield program

<p>I saw that Garfield cut off their Global Technology Academy - why???</p>

Seattle Public Schools said fiscal and ethical concerns about the Global Technology Academy led to its decision this month to break ties with the popular technology program at Garfield High School.</p>

<p>The abrupt decision calls into question the program's future just as a group of Global Technology students prepares to leave this week for the Philippines.</p>

<p>Students are still planning to go on the trip — which won't be sanctioned by the district — but parents and students are frustrated the district is keeping quiet about its reasons.</p>

<p>The district placed the program's founder and director, Kjell-Jon Rye, on paid administrative leave March 13.</p>

<p>District officials won't say why Rye is on leave, although a spokesman said the decision to end the district's affiliation with the program was separate from the personnel issue involving Rye. </p>

<p>The 10-year-old Global Techology program trains students to refurbish and maintain donated computer equipment. They take classes at Garfield, then participate in international trips to donate computers and teach local students to operate and maintain them.</p>

<p>Students have delivered computers to Ghana, Turkey, Mexico, Nepal and elsewhere on 30 trips over the past decade.


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