ELC, how important is it?

<p>how important is ELC top4% in local context?
i mean, what if my school is crazy competitive</p>

<p>well, it's nice to be guaranteed at least one UC (in the past, that UC has been UC Irvine). </p>

<p>i've also heard that the acceptance rates of ELC students are in general higher than those who don't have it... but if you come from a very competitive high school, don't worry about it, because students below top 4% will still probably get into the top UC's.</p>

<p>elc will drastically improve your chances than a guy without it. well, schools know whether your school is competitive. They look into the school a lot. dont worry</p>

<p>ELC is even moreso beneficial for UCD, UCSD, and UCSC since they use a comprehensive review. At UCD, ELC makes up for 500 SAT pts. At UCSD, ELC makes up for like 630 SAT pts.</p>

<p>holy crap, 630 SAT pts??
well, i was looking more towards UCLA and UCB.. my school isnt exactly "SUPER competitive".. but i mean, cut off for 4% is really high (4.15w/3.97uw)</p>

<p>acceptance rate for elc students for 2003 at UCLA was about 50%, while UCB was about 62%.</p>

<p>note that regular acceptance rate is about 25% for each school.</p>

<p>I have a friend who is a not-so-good test taker. She scored 1860 on the new SAT (690M/590R/580W).</p>

<p>But she is ranked top 1% (7/733), and will easily qualify for ELC. What are her chances at Berkeley/UCLA?</p>

<p>she needs to step it up to closer to a 1900 and above and she should make it to one possbily</p>

<p>yes, but statistics of % acceptnace shouldnt matter since Higher GPA students naturally correlate to have better chances. (same way EA correlates with higher acceptance)</p>

<p>i wonder how much it puts you ABOVE the chances u already have though</p>