ELC Mistake...help

<p>A long time ago, I recieved a letter from the UC about ELC. I do not know what I was thinking. I put it down and promptly forgot about it. </p>

<p>A couple days ago, my dad mentions it. I freak out.</p>

<p>So I don’t know if I’m eligible or not. The letter gave me a pathways pin and a ELC Evaluation ID number. Does that mean I qualify?</p>

<p>I know its too late to put it on my app now, but if I wanted to appeal, could I say I left it off my application?</p>

<p>Appeals are to present new information that was not already included on the original application. My guess is that this would qualify. You may wish to contact the UC you wish to appeal to and ask if leaving off ELC could have affected your admissions decision.</p>

<p>Please post if you find out you could appeal. I have a friend that forgot to put his ELC # and if he gets rejected from UCI...he may have an opportunity to appeal.</p>

<p>Your friend should try to appeal.
As an ELC student, for the fall 08-09 SY
UC's are offering guaranteed admissions to Irvine, as well as
Santa Barbara, Davis, Merced, and Riverside. </p>

<p>Good luck to him (:</p>

<p>So did getting that letter mean I did qualify? The wording was really confusing. I got a letter before that one that almost made it seem as if I was considered but didn't make it (very vaguely). And then this one made it seem as if I did qualify. I know there was a seperate application to the UC you were supposed to fill out. </p>

<p>I really hope appealing works. Otherwise I'm going to be really mad at myself over this one.</p>

<p>Haha, I wish I could use ELC has my new information.</p>

<p>You might be an OTS. OTS standing for "On Track Student" and meaning that you were in the top 10% of your school (so they sent you a "we're going to check you out" letter), but you didn't make the 4% ELC cut. I'm pretty sure even OTS students get their ELC pin and password, but aren't actually the 4% ELC, just the left over ~6%.</p>

<p>Hmm it didn't say which one I was. I guess the best idea right now is to call them. I've only gotten one B, but our school has an oddly large number of valedictorians. My guess is I'd be between 4 and 5% (which probably doesn't qualify??) I'll post what's going on after I call for anyone in the same sad boat.</p>

<p>Did you get ELC? </p>

<p>If you didn't, that's alright. I was considered too, but didn't get it, and I didn't use the pin number that they gave me. I called them and they said that it didn't matter if I wasn't actually ELC.</p>

<p>For the OTS, I recieved some letter about still being eligible for admission to one or more UCs (I think it said that my application would be sent to every UC, and they'd get in contact with me if they were interested). Has anyone been in that boat? I didn't hear from any UC I didn't apply to (not even Merced or Riverside), so I'm wondering what's going to happen...</p>

<p>Did you know from your letters that you were an OTS student? Did it state it explicitly? Mine was really vague.</p>

<p>I called the UC place today. They told me I needed to contact the schools individually and I could email my problem to <a href="mailto:ucinfo@ucapplication.net">ucinfo@ucapplication.net</a>.</p>

<p>It would have been nice if I knew exactly what I was. Do you think OTS would be a good thing to appeal with?</p>

<p>I'm not sure. Appeal with for a reason of being rejected? Like, I didn't get into say Riverside, you appeal with OTS that you deserved a spot?</p>

<p>About the OTS, I know I got a letter saying I wasn't the top 5%, but I'd be eligible for state-wide ELC or something along those lines, where I'd be competing for admission to all the schools with the top 10ish percent of California, whereas ELC would be for the top 5ish were city-wide. </p>

<p>Now that I know I have to deal with the OTS on my own, I'm kind of like... I dunno, it could've been handled a lot better. Guess I have to start e-mailing.</p>

<p>Oh, and I remember for OTS, they had pre-filled out a bunch of my info on my UC app.</p>