Election Volunteering

A thread about an event, the November 3rd ELECTION, not a thread about specific candidates or politics.

Let’s see and hear about the civic involvement of CC members. Please do not refer to your preferred candidate or party if at all possible. We know what will happen there.

I’m curious to know if you are having a role in this event November 3 on a local, state or national level. It seems more than ever, there are many roles that volunteers can play.

About a month ago I volunteered at an outdoor event to get people registered to vote, secure an absentee ballot or complete the census.

I’ve been doing text banks the last couple of weeks through a national organization. Using my laptop and their program we text/manage 100 names at a time and check on their voting status or give resources if they need help. Very interesting, largely positive experience. I do not see their contact info and they do not see mine.

I’ve also signed up to be a poll worker on Election Day. Have never done this before. I’ll do whatever they need me to (though I don’t want to run a precinct)! I plan to take the day off of work to do this.

We have a couple yard signs.

What are you doing in your local area/state and/or for beyond?

Again, no references to specific candidates. And please don’t bash the process if the process is not your thing!

I’m writing letters with Vote Forward to remind folks to be registered and vote. Lots of donating. yard signs.

I think I need to squeeze in text/phone banking. Did some of that during the primaries.

I also gave my students lots of information and encouragement to register and vote.

Postcarding! Lots and lots of postcards. And contributing $$$.

I actually won an award this month for my volunteerism!

The main thing I’m doing is leading a postcard initiative that resulted in 50k, almost three times out original goal. So, we are mailing about 20k of our postcards to voters in state House races who live where there is a seat deemed “flippable.” I also helped lead an initiative to raise money for the postage that surpassed our goal of $15k.

I made postcards my main outreach, but I’ve also done contactless blockwalking, dropping literature at voters’ homes. And I’ve done lots of little things. As I said in the best friend thread, I really enjoy making connections and helping others make connections, too.

My college freshman and my high school senior both worked a precinct for the August primary. They said it was an awesome learning experience!

Bravo to all the helpers. A little extra “bravo” to @“Youdon’tsay” for your award and activism!!

It’s not too late to help!

I have contributed money this year. Multiple times.

For the first time ever, I have a yard sign.

I would love to serve as an election judge (Have always been interested) but H has some Covid risk factors so we aren’t comfortable with that.

I’m in a high-risk category so can’t work polls, but I’ve been doing contact-less canvassing for a campaign. S21 a poll worker again (he worked the state primaries.)

I have been an election poll worker in my town since 2012. I’ve worked every position in the polling places. In addition, I’m trained as a poll moderator and have worked in that capacity several times as well.

I will be working as a checker on November 3. There will be 3 of us…each handling street names for a section of the alphabet. The checker is the first person you meet in our polls…the one where you give your name and they “check” to see that you are actually on the voter registration list.

I’m looking forward to it. It’s a long day but well organized and fun in its own sort of way.

DH will be a sponsored poll watcher on Election Day. We voted today, so he is free to do whatever watching they need him to do on Election Day.

I worked the polls in 2018 but am immunocompromised so can’t this year. THANK YOU to those who are stepping up (or whose kids are!). Ds2 phone-banked this weekend from his new state for a race here in his home state. His ex is campaign manager for a similar candidate so she got him to do it. (this belongs on the Say It Here thread, but I wish they’d get back together!)

I am going to work the polls for the first time, and will attend a training session soon.

I won’t be working at the polls for the first time in a longtime. Just not willing to take that kind of exposure.

I am VERY involved at the local and county level - too many activities to list. It’s always at least a part-time job but definitely a full-time job the past few months. So many new approaches and strategies trying to adjust to an election cycle in a pandemic.

I hope 11/3 brings some good results - and then some R&R.

If you haven’t stepped up to help in some way, I hope you’ll consider doing so. There is still time! Don’t have regrets on 11/4.

My H and I are each working 6 out of 9 early election days in our state, as well as E-day itself. 2 of our sons are working election day with H; I work at a different place. My sons and I are all chairs, H is a coordinator. S17 worked the primary, but he will be upstate in November so he isn’t working this election. He has already sent in his ballot. The rest of us, including oldest son, the letter carrier, will be voting early in person.

D and her fiance moved to his home state, where they are in the minority. They are canvassing for a candidate for local office who is a family friend of her fiance from when he was growing up there but they won’t be working the polls because the COVID rates are going up there. They are voting early but I am not certain what they process is in that state.

I’m doing letters for Vote Forward also. Have two signs out front – a first for us. Have made a few contributions, too.

Pre-covid, I had planned to work the polls. Not happening with my risk factors. Older S signed up to be a poll worker in his state. Younger S is monitoring local elections in the country where he lives. Was supposed to go to two other countries to observe, but those missions were cancelled last week as European Covid numbers are rising.

Not technically volunteer (it’s paid) and not november 3, but my wife and I are working during early voting as voter assistants. We are not allowed to work the same shift, so we will each be working different days, 6 or 7 days total each. First time for either of us. Early voting starts Thursday. Training today.

Am I the only one calling? It is kind of frustrating because I’m averaging 1/15 calls being answered. I admit that I don’t even answer calls anymore. If nothing else, I’m cleaning up the list, as 10% seem to be disconnected. I really felt like I needed to so something this year and this is where they needed help.

I’ve received a ton of calls and texts. When given the option to STOP I take it and block the number, but it doesn’t work as the organization just uses another number to text/call again.

I’ve also found that if I do answer, the caller knows very little about the issues or the position of the candidate. “Why didn’t the candidate answer the ethics charges?” Hmm, the caller doesn’t know but boy, the candidate is sure a nice guy.

I’m surprised you can get 1/15 to answer a call or talk to you.

@toledo My DH is doing that, too. In fact, he’s been promoted to moderator! It is frustrating most of the time, but occasionally he feels like he has helped a potential voter work through their doubts. And many people who actually speak to him, thank him!

DH is an introverted, nerdy kind of guy, so cold calling strangers is way outside his comfort area. I’m proud of him.

We never answer our home phone. Just clean up the messages once a week.

My responses on text banking has been 15-20% return the last couple of times.

Volunteers are not experts. They simple want to help the cause and if possible direct people to simple answers they need. They are not expected to fully recite a candidates agenda - but they should be able to provide a resource that might help.