Electrical and Computer Engineering


<p>I'm currently going to be going to Purdue as a freshman this fall for CIT. Recently, I was thinking about possibly switching my major to Electrical and Computer Engineering. Does anyone know if this is still possible, or if I'd have to switch it for Soph year?</p>

<p>Also, It seems as though the College of Engineering and College of Technology both have a Electrical and Computer Engineering degree and was wondering if anyone knew which is better/why?</p>


<p>The College of Engineering is definitely better than the College of Technology and has a lot of weed out classes (Purdue is known for Engineering). It is most likely going to be pretty difficult to transfer into the Engineering College sophomore year. CIT is not terribly bad though. In fact, because of the number of people dropping the engineering college, CIT has been getting far much better these days.</p>

<p>You might be able to switch if you do it early. The waiting list is long and you'll probably have to do more than simply get on the list to switch into engineering (ie. talk to the right people).</p>