Electrical Engineering

<p>how is Electrical Engineering at UCR?</p>

<p>I got into Computer Science at UCI</p>

<p>i'm contemplating on which one I should do</p>

<p>does UCR have a high pass/graduation rate for people in the engineering field? </p>

<p>in UCI only 16 students graduated from Electrical engineering last year</p>

<p>Electrical Engineering and Computer Science are different.
As a EE major you might touch basic programming but for CS you won't be doing EE stuff. You should decide on the major rather than the college for your situation unless you are SURE you can change majors, as in if you want CS at UCR or EE at UCI.</p>

<p>They aren't completely different, EE and CS. They have cross courses and CS majors can take EE if they choose.
As for both majors, UCR offers a Computer Engineering major that is a mix of EE and CS courses. But for comparing UCI and UCR based on graduation rate? I'd say if you enjoy it enough and willing to put in the effort, what should it matter what the rate is.
No matter what, engineering is not easy.</p>

<p>I don't think so... I remember hearing that only 1/3 of the engineers will graduate with an engineering degree.</p>

<p>Does any know what I need to do to change my major from Computer Science to Electrical Engineering. I got a D in CS010 and realized it wasn't the subject I really wanted to study.
I 'd rather study Electrical Engineering. It's already too late to change my major right away. And if any of you took CS010 before, who's the best teacher to take?</p>

<p>Even if you switch from computer science to electrical engineering, you'll still have to take a lot of CS courses (CS10, CS13, CS61, CS/EE 120A, 120B). As you take upper-division classes in junior year, you'll realize that CS and EE are somewhat related. I suggest you research thoroughly before switching major. If you can't success in CS, you won't success in EE either.</p>

<p>I 'm just saying CS010 is mainly about programming and that not what EE is all about.
Yes. Computer is somewhat useful when studying EE but you 're not relying on it the entire time. again. EE is not the same as Computer Science. I just dont like the way they teach you all about C++ and programming. If you have previously taken any CS010 course, who was your best professor??? I won't take Kris Miller again.</p>

<p>Really? I thought Kris Miller was fine. However, I believe there are only two professors teaching CS010 (Kris Miller and Brian Linard)....and people usually regard Kris Miller as an "easier" and "better" teacher than Linard. </p>

<p>Kris Miller - KrisMiller</a> - University of California Riverside - RateMyProfessors.com
Brian Linard - BrianLinard</a> - University of California Riverside - RateMyProfessors.com</p>