electronic correction help

<p>ok so here's my deal.
last year i submitted my fafsa in feb and had an EFC of 2107. then i believe my school was responsible for changing some information that got my EFC down to 0.</p>

<p>i just looked into what exactly they changed, and it was both my mother's income, decreasing it by 5,000, and my household size, increasing it from 4 to 6. </p>

<p>i put 4 counting me, my younger sister, and my parents, but i have 2 older sisters that i guess my school decided to include, making it 6.</p>

<p>Im not sure why they did this, and now im confused as to what to put under my household size for this year.
my two older sisters dont pay rent to my parents, and i think this might be one of the reasons they may have changed, but i think it could be something else. </p>

<p>can anybody help me please??</p>