Electronic keypad door lock

My husband would like to change the deadbolt on our front door with an electronic/smart lock. As the door is glass, I want a double cylinder lock so if someone were to break the glass, they would not be able to unlock the door. We do have an alarm, but I am not excited about having a turn bolt on the inside.

While our current locks are Schlage, we don’t have a problem changing all the locks if we have to. The problem we are having is finding a lock with keypad and keyed lock on the outside, and a keyed lock on the inside. I can not imagine one is not made, I just have not found it yet.

Any suggestions on a lock? For those that have the electronic locks, are there problems you have had that I should be aware of? We live in a new townhome community, so I have to be careful with what I install. While I can change the deadbolt, I am not certain I will be allow to change my handle. I will have to have brushed nickle, but if the shape is different that my current dealbolt, I don’t think that would be a problem.

My brother installed one- pretty sure it’s a Schlage. I can get in by using a 4 digit code, and he has a different code one for each sibling. I think he can also unlock it from anywhere in the world. On edit: pretty sure it’s the Schlage Sense series. He has a mid century modern house and it fits just fine. His house is also an AirBnB.

I like it- I don’t have to keep track of a key to my sibling’s house. He has two glass entry doors- one to an inner foyer and one to the front room.

Also I’d think that finding a keyed lock on the inside is going to be a bit tough. I think those went out of vogue in favor of easier egress.

I really wanted a keypad lock but none of the current models will fit between our front door and storm door. I don’t know how common that is; we have a one hundred year old house.

A lock that requires a key inside is against all fire and building codes. I realize that you can exit safely from other doors of the house, but they are not allowed anymore. So, for this reason you probably cannot find any for sale.

If there was a fire and you had to crawl under the smoke to exit, you would not be able to exit because you wouldn’t have a key to unlock it.

Can you replace the door with a non-glass one, replace the glass with something break-resistant, or install a security screen over the glass to resist breaking the glass or reaching through?

Make sure that the door lock strikes are heavy ones that are screwed into the framing studs (not just the door jamb), and that the door is otherwise strong enough to resist brute force entry.

Double cylinder locks are still available, just not with the newer keypads. While builders are not allowed to install double cylinder locks, people are allowed to change them. We have always kept a key by the door, usually on a hook on the trim by the door.

We are not allowed to change the door as all in the community are the same.

I spoke with a locksmith who mentioned to me that the electronic keypad locks need a very well fitted door and frame. He said it my frame was not perfectly straight, there would be an issue with the connection of the keypad. I think my husband may be out of luck getting this lock!!

Out of reach of the window?

Depends on the door, but usually it is below the handle on the opposite side of the door frame. Yes, it could be within reach if someone were to break the right glass panel, and knew there was a key there, as it can not be seen from the outside. I still feel safer with that arrangement over the turn bolt on the inside.

Perhaps you may want to mount one of those retracting cable keychains on a wall somewhere out of reach and out of sight from the window, but where you can easily pull the key attached to the cable to the lock.

We keep a key in the inside lock of our front door. I’d like to change them.

I was going to say what coralbrook said, no key on the inside is against the fire code. Don’t do it! In a fire you may need to get out quickly. You may have people in the house who don’t know where the key is. Just don’t.

As for keypads. I don’t trust them. I’ve never met an electronic anything that lasted more than five years.

We have keypad locks at our beach house, ones that are integrated with the door handle. We love the simplicity of it, not having to worry about who has the key, etc. I think Schlage. H installed them when MIL was living in the house so it also made her life easier. Now that she lives elsewhere and we own the house from afar, we would love to switch out those locks with smart locks that would allow us to (remotely) set temporary codes for workmen, visitors, etc. We haven’t found one that’s integrated with the door handle, though, and just aren’t keen on installing new deadbolts on all the doors. May change our minds though depending on how this first “visiting season” goes. I do worry about being dependent on our internet connection…

^^ Most of the smart locks can also be open with a key.

Love our Schlage keypad lock, although it’s hit or miss whether it will open when my husband uses his phone app. He did scare me the other day (I was home alone, he was at work) when I heard the lock open (he was testing it from the office but didn’t think to warn me first).

If we put one in, it would be one that includes a key lock. It would just be nice to have, as mentioned above for workmen, the housekeeper, or when a relative needs to come by. I have a keypad for the garage door, so we are able to change the codes on that and then leave the door to the house unlocked or a key out for the people.