Eli Account?

<p>Has anyone else not received their Eli account code yet? I applied around christmas time and still no word yet. Is that normal?</p>

<p>If it has been that long and you still haven't received it, then you should contact them. On the Yale website, I forget exactly where, it says that if you don't receive your code within 3 weeks of submitting your app then you should follow the instructions on a linked page.</p>

<p>I also applied around Christmas, and I haven't received any info about logging into ELI yet. I have already had my interview for Yale, so I'm assuming that it isn't really that big of a problem. I can't find the page that says what to do if you haven't received an email in 3 weeks though.</p>

<p>Have you got your Eli Account now? You know what, I haven't. I sumitted my commonapp on Nov 15th and after that, I haven't heard a word from Yale. I guess they still don't have all the requirements they need. May Dec SAT scores were delayed. I'm sure they now have all my applications and will notify me soon. Or say I hope so

<p>Just got mine yesterday, finally.....I also applied a few days before Christmas.</p>