eLibrary Books

<p>I was looking at Nook e-readers online today. The price has dropped, and I am thinking about getting the wi-fi version for D, who is going abroad and would prefer not to carry a lot of books. I found some references online to being able to checkout eBooks from local libraries for the Nook. Has anyone done this? How does it work? And, more basically, what does the Nook "wi-fi" version mean? Does it mean you can only download a brand new book when you have a wi-fi connection?</p>

<p>Our local library only supports the Sony Ereader. Which is a drag, as I have a Kindle. I did notice the price drop, though for the Nook. </p>

<p>You should probably check your library to see what they support.</p>

<p>Well, I did, and my library actually does not support any of them. But I live on the edge of a major metropolitan area, and for a small fee (~$20/year) I can get a card at a few other library systems. And D has a library card for her college town as well. I will probably investigate all of them, but it was a revelation to me that this library ability even existed anywhere. The main reason we haven't bought one before is because of the cost of books that we don't even want to own long term.</p>

<p>I would so love it if I could "borrow" eBooks on an eReader. It's not the cost of the eBooks that has stopped me from buying one, it's how much I would spend on eBooks (right now, I either borrow books from the library or buy paperbacks for 50 cents at the library book sale). The only eBooks my local library has are classics in pdf form.</p>

<p>I looked into this for myself when I was ereader shopping but gave up, it was too hard to find libraries that had ebooks and the offerings were pitiful anyway.</p>

<p>I have a Nook and I love it. I download books from my library using Overdrive and Adobe Edition (don't worry- your library website will probably walk you through it). I get the books for 14 days and then they disappear off the Nook. I haven't used the wifi component yet. I think I use a 3G network- I just turn it on, buy the book and it downloads right on to it. I found the most info on Barnes and Nobles' Nook forum. That is how I figured out how to download the library books. I have bought some books, borrowed library books and downloaded free books- every Friday there is a free book offered. Now I just need more time to read!</p>

<p>My library doesn't seem to have Overdrive access... I just e-mailed them to ask if they have looked at it, though. The only one I have found so far in my state is in a remote corner of it, far from where I live (so I don't have a card from there, and probably can't get one too easily). :(</p>

<p>My library didn't have it either two months ago but now they do, so there may be hope for yours!</p>

<p>So does anyone else have the Nook wi-fi? Does that just mean that I would only be able to get a new book when I have a wi-fi connection (but I could read anytime with it even if I have no connection)?</p>

<p>All the Nooks come with the wi-fi, I just haven't used mine. The cheaper Nook only has wi-fi, the pricer one has wi-fi and 3G capability.</p>