<p>Hello :)</p>

<p>So, i've applied to 5 CSUs (northridge, chico, san bernardino, fresno, east bay).
I have a few questions about the ELM/EPT</p>

<p>1) The only campus i live close to is northridge, so i'm taking them there. I only have to take them at one campus, right?</p>

<p>2) I was exempt from the EPT for three of the colleges, which means i still have to take both. But, on the test day, will i be able to choose which colleges send the scores to? or with both be automatically sent?</p>

<p>thanks :)</p>

<p>1 yes you only have to take them at one campus but you need to make sure that you mark all those schools when given the option on the exam.</p>

<p>2 If memory serves correct you can choose for both because a lot of students do not take them together. Call the help number to double check. I'm pretty sure I am right though.</p>

<p>Call the CSU testing center whete youu will be taking the test and they will be answering any question you may have.</p>