Elon Accelerated PA/PT program interviews

Anyone out their have kids apply and did they hear. We got emails to look… portal not updated. Not sure if this is a bad sign. Mom anxiety at an all time high :frowning:

Did you try clicking on the blue “Click here to view your update”? It has a separate listing for each time something changes.

Yes… about 100 times :slight_smile:

Shows her acceptance letter from December … nothing else … scrolled down too.

Not sure what to make of it… Is there a notification either way or only if you move to the next round.

Mine heard after 5 pm on Friday’

@rhuisking We were in the same boat. It seems like there must have been a delay or computer glitch. We got several notifications of an update to her status between last Wed. and Friday, but it wasn’t until Sunday morning that the update with invitation was showing in her portal. There were no other details until this morning, when she had to actually “accept” the invitation and then I guess more details will follow in the coming weeks.

My friend’s son got the notice Friday.

Wondering if anyone had any feedback about program interviews your child had? Format? Questions? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.