Elon Acceptance rate?

After reading some comments here about acceptances and stats, it seems like Elon enrolls students with very high GPA, rank, scores. I was wondering why the acceptance rate is so high? 78%? Seems like it would be lower with more students with high stats are applying. Any thoughts?

Elon has improved over the years, but…

…that would be false.

With some of these schools like Elon, there is self-selection occurring. Often students won’t just throw in an application without a high level of interest.

Michaeluwill, I would love to hear more details about why you think this is false.

I am not sure, but I think Elon recalculates student GPAs causing the GPAs to appear higher. I would love to hear more from others who might have more information.

Elon is a good school. I would substitute the word “very” for “somewhat.”

I knew when I saw their stats on this page for Class of 2024 stats and saw Honors Fellows has an average 5.01 that their GPA stats were meaningless to me as that is mathematically impossible where we live

I also meant to mention that I suspect that while Elon is a good school (or I wouldn’t want to pay to send my son there), it doesn’t have the name recognition or perceived prestige of a lot of private universities, so that may feed the self selection as well. I would suspect that more students apply to the bigger name schools even if they are not within range of the stats, were as less may do that with Elon.