Elon admissions -- rolling or not?

<p>Does anyone know whether Elon practices rolling admissions (offering candidates places in the class as they go along) or whether they wait until all candidates have auditioned before offering places?</p>

<p>HI NMR,</p>

<p>Last year there was 2 notification times...one for all the E/A applicants in December (early December for MT - around December 20th or so for Elon Univ). Then the second round of notifications for MT came at the beginning of March. Good luck to your d!!!</p>

<p>Read the Elon threads, as this topic has been discussed at length.</p>

<p>My son's Elon timeline (last fall) was audition Nov 3 and acceptance Nov 30.
It was his first MT audition and was a wonderful day. Best of luck to everyone auditioning soon.</p>