Elon Computer Science

My son is interested in computer science. We liked Elon when we visited in the summer (w/out student on campus) but while they have a major they don’t have a large focus in this area. Do you think this will be a big detraction and would focusing on a school with more of a technology skew be a better path?

Bummer that no one has answered! I haven’t had a college kid interested in a STEM field so I don’t have advice there. My son who is at Elon was interested in psychology, which meant he really could look anywhere so we focused more on fit than on his specific major/program. We were looking for a place that he would thrive and grow, and he definitely found that at Elon…it seemed special from the first visit and has proven so. Hope you can find more info about CS at Elon…maybe contact the department for a list of recent grad placements from that department?