Elon for geeky students?

Hi, my son is looking seriously at Elon. It seems like a good fit academically. He wants to major in education and it seems to have a great education program. He is very intellectual, a bit geeky, and does not drink or party. He enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons with his friends, and loves superheroes, mythology, history, philosophy and biology. I know that partying and Greek life is pretty big at Elon. If my son chooses to live in the substance-free dorm (ASHES) at Elon, we are hoping he will be more likely to find friends that are his vibe. Any input on whether that would be likely? Or should he look for a college that has more of that vibe?

While it is true that partying and drinking can very prevelant here at Elon, there are people who are the exact same as you son. There a clubs along the lines of what you said he likes he will just have to put himself out there to find them and get involved. Partying isnt too intursuve and should be pretty easy to avoid if he doesn’t want to get involved.

My sibiling attends Elon and I am applying there this year as well! From what I have heard, there is a place for all types of students at Elon. One of my favorite things about Elon is that there are activities that do not involve drinking/partying. Good luck!

My son is also geeky, non partying, and a D &D player. He is now a sophomore at Elon and loves it. He found his people pretty easily freshman year, a small close group of friends that he hangs out with, and has many other friends/acquaintances. So, he found his social vibe pretty easily and is very happy with it. (there are game clubs, but he didn’t look into any of them). There is partying, yes, as for Greek life I wouldn’t call it strong, relatively, at Elon, it is there of course, but with no Greek houses besides the tiny sophomore only ones, it’s not a huge or rather exclusive part of the social life. We were a little worried about the party vibe but everyone we talked to, partiers and non partiers, just raved about their Elon experience, now my son does too. Sorry we don’t have any personal experience with the ASHES LLC.

Elon University made Princeton Review’s new list of Top 20 Party Schools.

Very interesting! ^^^ I found that entire list to be interesting, actually. Dayton??? Indiana U of PA?