Elon Freshman Housing 2024

Does anyone have any more recent recommendations on where to live next fall?

Hi! I don’t have an answer for you but hope you’ll share whatever information you come by. My D was accepted and we put down a deposit because we heard housing choices are at least somewhat dependent on doing so. But, she is awaiting the Fellows decisions before commiting officially to the school. If accepted to one of those programs, she is likely to choose to live with the associated LLC. Good luck!

If it works the way it did last year, incoming freshman do not get to make any choices for housing, and it does not depend on your deposit date. Those students who apply and are admitted to LLCs would be placed in the dorm where that LLC resides, so that is a way to try to get into a specific dorm. Otherwise, it is random, freshman and sophomores seem to be split up among the dorms, and from what I hear, the vast majority end up happy with their assignment. My son got assigned to Global and loves it. The housing preference form is pretty basic. You can specify a roommate if you have worked that out, otherwise the college recommends random and most kids end up happy with that too.


Thanks! I think my son is going to apply to a LLC. I hope your daughter is accepted into the fellows! Best wishes!