Elon Merit Money

Can anyone post if they have received any merit scholarships from Elon? Also, what was your GPA and ACT/SAT?

Seems like Elon doesn’t give alot of merit like some other schools do.

In a sense, they give merit to everyone by keeping tuition $10-15k below comparable private schools.

My D received $6,000 and an invitation to interview for two Fellows programs. We don’t know yet if she will be accepted to either of those. Her SAT is 1420, ACT 32, GPA 5.0 (weighted). I think $19,500 is the most merit money you can get.

My son got $4500 with around a 3.5-3.7 UW and 29 ACT. This was for 2019-2020; I believe that admissions (and likely merit) has become more competitive just in the past year.

$4500 or $6000 is not really a dent in an almost 50k Bill. So I guess most kids who aren’t getting FA come from pretty well off families? Elon is a good school but my son got good merit from South Carolina and would spend 60k less than if he went to Elon.

The year my D applied, she initially did not get merit, but as April May 1st was coming closer, they offered her a decent amount (around 7K?). we did think about it, but in the end she went to her 1st choice school.


My son is a freshman honors fellow & received both Presidential & Honors Fellows scholarships. He will also be an RA next year. He carried a 4.7 GPA and a 1450 SAT. He was also heavily involved in academic extra curricular activities and volunteering. Hope this helps.

@ElonMom209 Yes, this is very helpful. Congrats to you and your son.

did merit come in your acceptance? or separate?

My dd got $6000 presidential scholarship that was awarded in her letter of acceptance (she did ea). For original question, she had 35 act and 4.5/3.9 gpa

Son got nothing and doubt he will,get much in terms of FA

My son received his presidential scholarship in his acceptance letter. He then received a separate email & letter about his acceptance into the honors program which also included another scholarship.

Thank you for your reply. Do you mind telling me the total amount of aid awarded?

@mangobird this year, the presidential was $6000. Most fellows program are an additional $5500. Honors. Fellows is an $13,500 instead of the $5500. I believe one honors fellow gets full tuition. There are other programs as well that I believe are $4500, but those do not add. For merit, the best I know of is $19,500 which is the presidential and honors fellows combined (except the one full tuition recipient).

What is the criteria to get the Presidential?

They say it is for the top 15% (ish) of the incoming class. Very hard to determine because of the different application deadlines (EA, ED, regular). Also hard to estimate because clearly the quality of applicants is seemingly skyrocketing. Kids with very high stats were deferred. Makes me nervous even though my kid is past the crazy application phase! (FWIW, last year my da did get the presidential with ACT 35, high GPA, yada yada. Did not get invited to Honors interview, did get into Business Fellows)