Elon showing scholarship before decision?

<p>Anybody else have a student applying to Elon and seeing scholarship info even though the decisions aren't out yet?</p>

<p>Application Status says decisions not posted until 3/14</p>

<p>Financial Aid Status page says Presidential Scholarship $4K for 2008</p>

<p>HaHa....I guess they goofed....Congrats!!</p>

<p>at least one school does something like this every year...</p>

<p>what page on the Elon site are you looking at?

<p>Logged into OnTrack for Applicants website. On the Prospective Students - OnTrack for Applicants Menu there are two links under a title Financial Aid, I clicked on the link for "Financial Aid Status by Year" and selected 2008.</p>

<p>how did you get your login /password info/</p>

<p>D got an email this past week that had the username and password and explanation of how to get to OnTrack and what to do if needed to reset password. The email went to her Spam folder by mistake, fortunately my twins know they need to be keeping an eye on their Spam folders right now...</p>

<p>Username and ID were also in a letter Elon sent a couple of months ago.</p>

<p>bumppp back to page 1....</p>

<p>there's got to be more students applying to Elon...</p>

<p>Is anyone applying to Elon?</p>

<p>Son just got scholarship letter from Seattle U with no acceptance email or letter.</p>

<p>Well I'll wish you congratulations!! A letter is better proof than seeing info on a website :)</p>

<p>My S got a letter about joining the Honors College at one of our state u's. well before the acceptance came.</p>

<p>Honors College, congratulations!</p>

<p>still surprised there's not more people who applied to Elon as a safety at least...</p>

<p>soproudofkids, My son was accepted to Elon EA in December and received a Presidential Scholarship. On the On Track website that you cited, it indicates that he received this scholarship for 2008. So, it seems likely that your child was accepted to Elon.<br>
I have to respond to your post " surprised there's not more people who applied to Elon as a safety at least.. I find your remark "as a safety at least" to be an indication that you believe Elon is a "safe" or easy school to be accepted into. I believe you better check your facts before making such a comment.<br>
This might be the case in comparison to the schools discussed on CC but, this remark minimizes the acceptance of those applicants who are very strong students by most others' standards.</p>

<p>No offense intended MsBC. </p>

<p>We visited Elon all the way from Boston and actually liked it a lot. My three kids weren't allowed to apply to anywhere that didn't meet my rear-view mirror test, i.e. could I drive away from dropping them off with the college in my rear view mirror and feel good that I had left them there. Elon absolutely passed the test.</p>

<p>It was real, she's officially accepted, and with the scholarship.</p>

<p>Hooray! Congrats!</p>