ELON U. - Give me you Review of...

<p>D now looking at schools and Elon University has sparked interest. Online got good reviews on independent sites and "up and coming" & "best value" type rankings on others. Some students gave mixed reviews. We are 9 hour car ride away so looking for parent feedback and student feedback.<br>
Expected major could be art or communications- mostly undecided at this point.
Pro and Con, likes vs dislikes.
Thanks !</p>

<p>D is a freshman; could not be happier....and we are 9 hours away as well...</p>

<p>I would highly recommend a visit to see if it is a fit both academically and socially; the communications school is extremely impressive and has many, many connections in the business....</p>

<p>She has absolutely no "cons" so far......and neither do her parents...</p>

<p>S just applied Early Decision. We too are 9 hours away. We love everything about the school, and I asked him numerous times...are you sure you're ok with the distance? His reply..."Mom, it was seventy degrees when we visited in February, and they were playing their baseball home opener...yep, I'm ok with it!"</p>

<p>S loves the size - bigger than the PA liberal arts schools he was also looking at, with more extracurricular opportunities - but it still manages to retain the small school qualities of small classes, caring professors, and no TA's.</p>

<p>Another thing he likes is the January term study abroad option. He likes the flexibility this will give him when looking at study abroad opportunities.</p>

<p>He also likes the touch of southern culture, which is present but not overwhelming for northerners.</p>

<p>My husband and I have been completely impressed with the strategic visioning of the administration (past and present) and their emphasis on engaged learning (and the 5 Elon Experiences).</p>

<p>And of course the beauty of the campus is the icing on the cake.</p>

<p>Sportman ditto to post 2 & 3 for D. Nice weather was not a consideration- yet "Mom every day is beautiful" cracks me up. D stayed overnight at many schools b4 pulling the trigger. She liked Elon's Greek life, small classes, everything within walking distance vs. many of the other schools she qualified that the social scene was "bar schools"- taking cabs, fake ids, & expensive & also in scketchy neighborhoods. </p>

<p>She made decision in mid April & is very happy.</p>

<p>I haven't been on this site for a long time (crazy busy), so first of all... Hello old friends...</p>

<p>My S is a Jr. at Elon and has just about done everything. The short review is that I can't think of a better school and it just keeps getting better. </p>

<p>I'm amazed at how much they change every year in response to what's need to succeed as students and graduates of Elon. When My S started the emphasis was on building successful first year experience to help all freshmen explore and succeed, they did (and still do) that very well. Now they are building a "Senior Village" that will group housing, lectures, advising, employer and graduate school recruiting all in the same area just off the main campus. </p>

<p>Our S has found </p>

<p>small classes with lots of classroom discussion. </p>

<p>available and involved professors.</p>

<p>students who care about academics, and each other.</p>

<p>access to some great opportunities, and a wonderful summer internship. </p>

<p>He loves the one month winter term that lets him explore one class that meets for several hours daily with the same small cohort of students.</p>

<p>Elon also encourages students to study abroad at least once during their four years, and offers everything from winter term trips that are lead by professors that specialize in different countries (sometimes involving students in service projects or research) to semester long exchange programs with quality universities around the world. (My S has been overseas since early Aug and is both having a great once in a lifetime experience and looking forward to returning to Elon and Us :) </p>

<p>I'm going to stop writing now because I'm beginning to sound like an advertisement and I don't mean to do that... If your looking for what Elon has to offer it often looks too good to be true but they are what they say they are. Best of Luck.</p>

<p>Another 100% endorsement for Elon here. Daughter is a sophomore and loves it. Good professors, loves the kids, loves the campus, loves the weather... Elon truly does "run like butter." They walk the talk. </p>

<p>You gotta go there to see and really feel it. </p>

<p>We are 800 miles away - basically a plane ride - and it has not been a problem. Most kids at Elon are from far away, so not many people leave on the weekends.</p>

<p>The Communications school has an excellent reputation. Look at any of Elon's communications and they reflect this. (Go to YouTube and enter Experience Elon to see a brief clip of their latest admissions video, created by two recent alumni.)</p>

<p>After going on the tour, I wanted to go there!</p>

<p>My son who is a sophomore really loves it and has been involved in a ton of activites from student government, leadership and Model UN, Catholic Campus org frisbee, et cetera. (He just got back from a 4 day Model UN conference in DC.) He has made a lot of great friends from a wide area of interests and majors and kids who from many different areas of the country. He seems to work hard and likes the challenge of the courses. (He has had maybe one professor who seems really terrible, but I quess you find those on all campuses) But most of the time he raves about the professors and how great they are. We are 9 hours away from Elon. I wish we were closer sometimes but he seems fine with it. Facebook and skype helps him keep in touch with friends from high school. (So different from when I was in school and there was one phone in the hall for the whole dorm to share) He loves the milder weather.</p>

<p>For those of you that make the 9 hour drive to visit, take some time to visit High Point as well.</p>