Elon University Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

Did you receive an email from the school about the parents video? The only communication has been to my D22.

Yes, both parents received an email on 12/20 with a video message from the President welcoming us. Most communication does go to the students and I am so happy when colleges communicate directly with me as a parent. Maybe it went to your spam?

@SMkut yes, as @Mom270 suggests, check spam, I don’t know if I get as many/the same emails as my son, but I definitely get regular emails from Elon. Is there a chance they have your email address wrong?

My son is a freshman in Business Fellows, and so far (only one semester), we’ve been really happy with the experience. I think the kids in each of the Fellows programs get to know each other pretty well. I really like all the things that are “required” to stay in the Fellows program because, quite frankly, they will all make them more marketable when they graduate and a lot of them are great life experiences.

My son was invited to apply for Honors and Business fellows. He was one of about 150 they interviewed for Business Fellows and was lucky enough to be one of the 25 in it this year (I had heard it was close to a thousand that applied). He was not invited to interview for Honors, which is hyper competitive (it has a higher scholarship amount than the rest of them, so I think that factors in to it). It’s a tough call which to apply for, you never know which way it will go for your child, so I would say, have her look at the different programs and select based on which ones she thinks she would enjoy the most unless the scholarship amount makes a significant difference in ability to attend.

They did post stats for the Class of 2025, you might be able to look at that and figure out if it makes more sense to apply to one over the other. The GPAs they post there make no sense to me though, I don’t know how they weight them, but a 5.17 is mathematically impossible where we live (5.0 is the highest weight you can get here, but there’s no way to graduate with nothing but AP classes, so even a 5.0 is not possible)

Any way, best of luck to your daughter. I can’t believe its only been a year since we went through the college selection process. My son has been very happy with Elon. It was probably the least competitive/prestigious school he was accepted to, but its been an amazing fit for him personally, and I think in the long run he will be more successful because of it.


@dracarys2020 - Thank you so much for this detailed, informative post. I think my daughter is going with her gut and will apply for College and Leadership, if she can pull it all together by the end of the day today…!

Can I ask what the deciding factors for your son were on choosing Elon, especially given what sounds like a broad range of academic options available to him? (The same is proving true for my daughter and we are hoping to help her settle on a place that will be a fantastic fit)

Thanks so much!