<p>what does everyone think about ELON!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>Good mid-range school, supposed to have a pretty campus. Academics are decent with business, journalism strongest. I like their emphasis on internships and study abroad.</p>

<p>Checking it out in November.</p>

<p>Good; unique in that it's underrated in the South, but probably given its due where it's known elsewhere in the nation. (Enrollment is about 75% out-of-state.) Could have a better location, but the campus is great and has good programs in several fields.</p>

<p>If I remember correctly, they're also a strong 'community service' school in the vein of Davidson. At about $21,000 a year, not that bad a buy.</p>

<p>We are looking at it for several reasons: musical theater program, studies abroad, honors program, and the 4-1-4 semester system.</p>

<p>Any film studies programs?</p>