Email about Kellogg Honors College?

My son received invitation to apply to Kellogg’s Honors College (KHC). I wonder if this is sent to all applicants? Does this mean anything on chances for admission?
And what are the top pros and cons for honors college?
I have read some old posts here about the KHC. But it can be different every year, so thanks in advance for any response!

I received this email as well on 1/22/2021. Since then, I have been wondering the same things as you and have also spent time searching for info on this website.

Will your son be an incoming freshman or an upper-division transfer?

Our son got it as well.

Freshman for CS major.

OK good to know.

I’m an upper-division transfer for business.

@mmrl8794: The Honors college invite is not sent to all applicants but the top students identified by CPP. It does not mean the applicant will be admitted but in most cases, it is a good sign for admission.

Unfortunately I cannot comment on the Pro’s and Con’s of the Honors college but I found that not all created equal. CPP’s website gives little detail but what I would look for are the following to make it worth my time to pursue.

  1. Priority Class Registration
  2. Priority Housing assignments
  3. Chance to interact with Professors on the Research level (Internships/Study abroad)
  4. Dedicated academic Mentor
  5. Scholarship opportunities available only to Honors college students
  6. A diverse Honors college curriculum with smaller class sizes

Thank you gumbymom for the tips. I think what bothers my son is if he spends time applying to Honors college, but then he doesn’t even know if he’ll get admitted to CPP itself. So he’ll likely wait until very close to the Honors app deadline before submitting. The deadline is March 5, I wonder what are the chances of getting CPP Admission decisions before March 5?

@mmrl8794: Higher stat applicants like Honors College invitees usually hear first but with CPP, there is no guarantee that it will be in February vs. March. Last year, some applicants starting hearing at the end of February.

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My son got the email too , but he did not receive the admission decision yet. But I think this is a good indication of acceptance since my daughter got the same email few years ago prior to receiving the admission decision.


Sorry, posted in the wrong thread

My son received this new email today:

“ I write to invite you and your family to attend the Kellogg Honors College Showcase of Excellence…”
The virtual sessions will be on 2/19 or 2/20
Did all applicants receive this email?

I wish we will find out decisions by 2/19. It feels a bummer to attend this, and then eventually get rejected from CPP :no_mouth:

Does anyone have a crystal ball to find out if we’ll hear on our admission by 2/19? :blush:

No, not all applicants get the Honors college email. And yes, there is a possibility that you can apply but not get accepted.

FYI: In all the years that I have been a CC poster/contributor, I have only seen one student that was accepted to the Honors College but not accepted for admission.


Thank you gumbymom. Like I told my son, submitting applications last year was just the first step. Then there’s this phase of waiting in limbo :blush: And then I think the hardest part will be in last week of April when we need to make the final decision. And hopefully we have a few good choices to choose from.

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Combing through last year’s threads… last year some students got decisions the second Wednesday of February (which would be this week…) and then decisions were rolling through mid-March. So you might have a decision! It seemed to be both by stats and by department maybe? Hard to decipher why some were so early and some delayed.

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Check your portals… acceptances rolling in

Mech E, In-State, non-local


Thanks for the update!

Son got in for Comp Sci!
omg too excited, I think I won’t be able to sleep tonight :heart_eyes:

Good luck to everyone, and check your portals! He didn’t receive the email yet.

Got in for Comp Sci as well! Waiting on SLO now.


@niggiesmalls21 congratulations!

Son is also waiting on SLO, SJSU, SDSU.

He’s interested in cybersecurity and looks like CPP has a great cybersecurity program. So we’re quite really happy if he ends up in CPP.

I know SLO is top-notch. We haven’t researched yet on SJSU or SDSU cause we don’t even know yet if he’ll get in those. But these 3 schools will let us know decisions by end of March right? So it’s too long of a wait :no_mouth:

Are you just waiting for SLO, or what other schools are you waiting for, before you decide? If you don’t mind sharing, what’s your interest in the CS field?

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So far I’ve been admitted to SDSU, CSUF, CSULB, but I’m still waiting on UCs and UIUC. Data Science interests me right now but I’m open to explore!

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Are you out of state?