Email decision?

<p>Can we be notified of acceptance/rejection by email or phone?</p>

<p>No, they don't do it online. They mail out letters, but if you don't receive them by Dec. 15th, you can call I think.</p>

<p>Yes, Princeton's still in the horse-and-buggy stage as far as technology is concerned. That said, I love it. It'll be fun actually waiting for (<em>gasp</em>) a piece of mail. Huh? What's that?</p>

<p>Learn to love your mailman! :)</p>

<p>would you guys call to hear the decision, though? i think i would be to nervous to even ask!</p>

<p>I would only do it if it were after December 16th or so. I just don't think I could take hearing it so quickly over the phone. It'd be too weird and too anxiety-ridden for me. But for those with strong nerves, I say go for it.</p>

<p>I would really want to call~~How can you sit and wait when you know that in the admission office, your application is already placed in one of the bins: accepted(YaY), deferred or .....</p>

<p>I wouldn't call unless it was late...hopefully my decision will get here in time, new jersey--> new york, shouldn't be a problem (then again, it took them how many months to get me my application?)</p>

<p>with the SAT, i was desperate to know what I got...with this i really want to know too, but not over the phone from some arb. person i've never seen... just a mysterious deep voice on the other end going, "Gianievve...we are Xed to tell you that you have been Xed"....ooh!</p>

<p>application is already placed in one of the bins: accepted(YaY), deferred or ..... the circular file =)</p>

<p>(hint: trash bins are circular)</p>

<p>lol aww~
do they actually...throw it out?
my baby!</p>

<p>no I don't think they do.. just a joke</p>