Email for Domestics?

<p>Could we ask Princeton to send an email if we're a U.S. applicant but won't be there to receive the mail until next week? (I bring my laptop everywhere.) Or is it too late to ask, and so will they be really annoyed and tell you to wait or call on Friday? <em>sigh</em> I'm a total wuss - I wince at the thought of bothering them (which I've already done a few times) even though they've probably already mailed them out. Actually, it might even get here today, though HIGHLY unlikely b/c I'm in Southern VA. But I won't be able to camp out next to my mailbox tomorrow....
Some suggestions please? Muchas gracias.</p>

<p>omg... I am so #$^$%&#$ livid! (rant coming, sorry jadeira, your thread title just ticked me off)</p>

<p>I got an e-mail from a sender "Princeton Admissions Office" that said I was accepted. So of course I celebrated... but it was premature.</p>

<p>The problem however, was that the e-mail came from a Yahoo! account. I just called the office, and an admissions counselor told me that if it came from a yahoo account, then there was no way it came from Princeton..... @#$$#&#$^<em>%#%</em>@$&*@$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>There'll be hell to pay for whoever tried this nasty prank on me</p>

<p>:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:</p>

<p>That's....worthy of mashing into a nano-sized pulp. It seems that they won't email results to U.S. applicants, and even if they did, it would be or something like that. What did the body of the email say?
(It would just be really funny if there were spelling errors.)</p>

<p>i figure it wouldn't be that difficult to fake Princeton acceptance email now , considering people have already posted them on the web,such as the forum</p>

<p><em>blink</em> That's....overkill.
Internationals are very very lucky. If Princeton takes any slower, I won't even be able to get into UVa or ANY school for that matter, considering I haven't done ANY other apps or essays yet. It's entirely a lack of concentration problem...I can't focus when writing an essay anymore, now that Princeton keeps prolonging the agony.
And if they don't send me an email, I won't find out until next Tuesday! <em>sigh</em> I hope their lines aren't busy on Friday...because then I'd intend to plant myself next to the phone and it'd ruin my family/vacation time. I was hoping to get my head chopped off BEFORE I left, not wait to spontaneously combust in green flames of impatience and asphyxiate from constricting nerves.</p>

<p>Holiday mail.....bah-humbug!</p>

<p>Well, I asked Princeton about the email question, and they preferred that I just call on Friday. >< Oh great, I get to hear my rejection over the phone!
Well, it'll be either today or Friday then. Good luck everyone! (Btw, has anyone received anything through mail yet? Holiday mail is congesting our lifelines <em>grumble</em>)</p>

<p>i can't believe NJ applicants didn't get the letter the next day...unbefu**inlievable</p>

<p>When can I call tomorrow (Friday)? Also, please tell me the phone number.</p>