Email for Finance Office?

<p>Hey does anyone know the email for the finance office. I looked on their site (UCIrvine</a> Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships Home), but didn't find anything.</p>

<p>I want to know because I'd like to request for a second look at my financial aid, and see if I can earn some more, because my dad hasn't had a job since the beginning of the year, and paying $16,000 (after current financial aid) is going to be really tough, if not impossible.</p>

<p>I don't think they have an email address neither. Best bet is to leave a voicemail, since I know that they rarely ever pick up the phone, or they're always busy helping someone else. But I agree, UCI's financial aid office needs better communication.</p>

<p>I think there used to be an email address (but it was seriously hidden away so you REALLY had to search for it in order to find it), and they took it off because they couldn't respond to the huge amount of emails they were getting or something. Nevertheless, this kind of issue is probably best resolved by phone or in person. </p>

<p>I highly recommend in person if you can (aka you don't live too far or go during SPOP or something) because it's the best way to reach them. Then it would be by phone. I will warn you that phone is TERRIBLE, though. I once had a pretty serious issue the summer before my freshman year and I tried calling them, but I was sent around in circles and in the end I was sent to an answering machine :mad: If you have to call, keep calling until you can get through. I left a message once and it <em>never</em> got returned. </p>

<p>The finaid office is so hard to get a hold of. <em>sigh</em></p>

<p>Hm, that's sad to hear. How about a physical address? I've got the letter all typed up and everything already. Is the address at the bottom of the Fin Aid website the actual Financial Aid Office address, or is that just the generic address for UCI?</p>

<p>And phone, I'll use as a last resort. And I don't know about your case PoorCookie, though. I had a question about a problem I had earlier this year with my Fin Aid, and they actually called me back, but still only going to use as a last resort.</p>

<p>That's the correct address on the bottom of their site for the Fin. Aid. office.</p>

<p>Although going to see them in person is still better... if you still need the e-mail address it's:</p>

<p><a href=""></a></p>

<p>Taken from this page:
How</a> To Contact Us: Freshmen Undergraduate Students</p>

<p>I'm not sure if it works though. I know I tried e-mailing them my authorization form to release my financial aid info to my parents (a pdf file) but it didn't go through - though that may just be because the file may have been too large. I haven't tried e-mailing them otherwise though.</p>