email from admissions

<p>did anyone else get a very personal email from admissions saying how glad they were you applied? is this a good sign or standard procedure...</p>

<p>My son got this sort of email over a month ago, saying his file was complete and going to the committee, but we haven't heard anything since.</p>

<p>A nice personal touch and admissions strategy ...</p>

<p>My son also got one of these emails after he applied ED in November. </p>

<p>We have had an A+ experience with DU admissions, from our first visit in junior year, to return visit senior year, to application, and since S joined the Class of 2012 in December. One of the nicest advantages about small liberal arts colleges like DU is this personal touch. We hear from DU students/parents/alums that this level of personal connection continues during undergrad years and beyond. </p>

<p>After two undergrad degrees and three law degrees from larger universities, my husband and I especially appreciate the different experiences of our sons when S#2 visited/applied to Denison and as S#1 visited/applied/attends another LAC. Something to think about when choosing.</p>

<p>Yes, it's too often like night and day with DU, LAC's vs.the mega U's. DU is superb in its communicating, we've experienced.</p>

<p>so so far everyone who got one of these emails has been accepted</p>