Email from Andover

<p>Did anyone get an email from the Dean at Andover on how to prepare for March 10th?</p>

<p>Yup --tenchar</p>

<p>And how this year the acceptance rate is lower than every other year?
Saw that. x]</p>

<p>Yes. I think it is sent to the e-mail list of applicants and parents. BTW, I got an e-mail from Exeter says like this, “Thank you for applying to Phillips Exeter Academy. Your application is now complete and will be sent to our Admissions Committee for review” on Feb 25th. I think the deadline for Exeter was Jan. 15th and isn’t this too late to be reviewed? They may process the file first come first serve. Few days left for the news and good luck to everybody.</p>

<p>Saw that too! I thought it had a lot of wisdom in it.</p>

I got a similar email Jan. 20, so it must be first come first serve.</p>

<p>i was wondring if they sent the emails to student that are going to be rejected to prepare them for the worst</p>

<p>Nah, I think they sent it to all the applicants, because in the article it mentioned not to brag if you are accepted.</p>

<p>I didn’t get this email, my parents did…
What does that mean?</p>

<p>It probably means you listed your parents’ email as the primary point of contact.</p>

<p>But I do get all other mail…
Anyways good luck everyoneee</p>