Email from college about Scholastic Awards

<p>I haven't received any information concerning my portfolio directly from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards yet - other than a Gold Key at the regional level - but I got an email from CSS congratulating me on "the Gold Medal or American Vision Medal [I was] awarded for an individual piece at the national level in this year's Scholastics competition." Is this something I can take seriously, or could it perhaps be a fluke? Do the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards send out a list of winners to colleges? Any answers are greatly appreciated! Thanks!</p>

<p>That's so weird! I know that the national decisions are sent out in early April, so you should find out by then...</p>

<p>S knew about his silver portfolio but we still haven't had this officially--just from teacher. Yet, he too got an email from a school congratulating him and offering merit aid. Weird.</p>

<p>bet scholastic plays baseball, too.</p>

<p>It's all about timing, which is kind of weird this year.<br>
The national office (Alliance for Young Artists & Writers) notified both regional affiliates and AICAD colleges who offer scholarships BEFORE they sent out the individual & teacher notifications. The national office will officially announce the national winners with a press conference on April 7th. Some colleges sent out letters of congratulations that must have been received before the student got the official word - probably should have been told to wait until after April 7th to avoid any confusion.</p>