Email from Excel@Carolina?

Hi, 2 days ago I received an email asking me for additional information regarding the excel carolina survey at the bottom of the UNC application. The email then directed me to a survey where I ranked three choices (assured admission into kenan-flagler, euro-tam, and honors carolina) and then provided 3-4 sentences on why I want to participate in each of these opportunities. I checked with other students who had filled out the excel@carolina portion of the application and only 2 of them had also received a similar email… What does this mean? Am I being considered for any of these programs or is it an email that is sent to all students who showed interest in excel@carolina programs? (clarification: I received these emails on January 4th, and decision notifications for early action come out January 28th)

@danyycohen , how did you fare with the emails, acceptance, and excel carolina invitations. I think this info could help future applicants…

Just saw this and it makes me wonder if my daughter received this survey and didn’t read it. She did not get a Excel@Carolina invitation. Some college admitted student site include a link with all the emails sent. I wonder if it showed up in the ToDo list. Can’t stress enough to read every email and check the site often to see if the application is complete.

@prep4col I can confirm the survey didn’t appear under the To Do List. Just an email with a link and the link was specific to the student’s selections on the app. The student was asked to prioritize their interest in 2 or 3 opportunities and write 3 or 4 sentences on why they were interested in that opportunity. The letter that followed the acceptance said the top 2% of applicants were offered an excel@carolina experience. No idea what metric(s) were used to arrive at that percentile.

ETA: Important to remember to remind our kids to check the spam folder.