Email Notification of whether you're in or not?

<p>Does Vandy send an email notification if you're in or out?</p>

<p>No email, only snail mail.
Emails only for international students.</p>

<p>emails for international students? are you sure? because everyone else here was telling that Vandy only uses mail which is really old-fashioned, but secured from any invasion of privacy.</p>

<p>Yes, I am sure.</p>

<p>are you sure it's snail mail though, because I heard that they might send it priority so that we hear back faster.</p>

<p>Just as a ballpark estimate, how long would it take to reach Oregon from Nashville for both snail and priority mail?</p>

<p>Priority mail, yes. That's what I meant to say :D</p>

<p>No idea about the time it would take.</p>

<p>From Nashville to Oregon</p>

<p>If they were to send it on the 27th
you would get it priority : 3-31
regular: 4-1 or 4-2</p>

<p>I hear they are sending it priority though so everyone should have something by 3-31.</p>

<p>wow, it looks like the 31st is going to be either the best, or worst day of my life! Priority mail still takes that long? I thought it only takes a couple of days or so, because 1 day really doesn't make much of a difference, especially cost-wise</p>

<p>Priority mail from TN to OR takes 2 days so if it goes out early enough on the 27th (by 3PM?), you should have it on the 29th.</p>

<p>You might get it by the 29th, but definitely by the 31st. Who knows. Maybe they'll send them out a day early.</p>

<p>Any idea on international priority mailing? I am in Mongolia which is a country located in the central Asia.</p>

<p>Im assuming they will email internationals.</p>

<p>i'm not sure about internationals
but i know for a FACT that they are priority mailing all their decision letters
they told us that at cornelius vanderbilt finalist weekend last week</p>

<p>some folks got their letters today (saturday). They live in Dallas.</p>

<p>what?? They haven't even released their decisions yet!</p>

<p>yeah i have a friend in kentucky who got his acceptance letter today. i gues decisions are out!!!!</p>

<p>sparkle, is your friend an URM?</p>

<p>Really? I'm in NC and no letter today. maybe it will be here monday.</p>

<p>ugh, maybe they have only realeased URM acceptances :/ Oh well, I'll check my mail on monday.</p>

<p>Yeah, I guess they're doing it like Emory.</p>