Email or US Postal Service ?

<p>For accepted student, </p>

<p>Are admissions letters online only, or are they also mailed out ? The date on the online info is several days ago and online it mentions forms for enrollment deposits and housing, and various info - has anybody received this yet ?</p>

<p>Thanks !</p>

<p>D received a UPS package this afternoon. She hasn't checked her online status.</p>

<p>My daughter received her package as well. You'll probably get it this week. There's nothing urgent in it (all forms are due by May 1)</p>

<p>Did fiancial aid information come with the package?</p>

<p>There was general financial information, but no specific numbers yet. It said that would come in a few days.</p>

<p>Package?!? So it's not a thick envelope? UPS has to deliver it?</p>

<p>^^^ Yes, but thick envelope. That's what my s got too. He didn't seem all that interested in the contents.</p>

<p>Twins. One happy to sit with me and delve into content of all acceptance packages. Other one just wants to know if accepted and if any scholarships but otherwise can't understand why I think it's fun to look at the stuff in the packets. Go figure.</p>

<p>No offense, but I wasnt excited to open it either. WashU really needs to make a better admissions package. I loved Penn State's and that was my safety school, lol! It made me get so excited. Perhaps because it said CONGRATULATIONS! on the front, lol. But whatever, I'm just so happy I got in!! but i wish they would hurry up and send the financial aid information</p>

<p>U Delaware's package was really nice too....</p>

<p>I got the acceptance letter in a binder in a UPS or Fedex box. That was ED though....</p>

<p>its in one of those cardboard envelope type things, the ones that say "priority (or was it express? i dont remember) mail" on it, and has the ups ppl deliver it. Inside is another copy of the acceptance letter, but unlike every other letter I got from Wash U, it was SIGNED in PEN. That was quite exciting. Then it was more overview of the school, general financial aid stuff, and this thing that gives you ideas of when to visit/what to do.<br>
Honestly, there really was nothing that awesome in it (except for the whole "Congratulations!" and real signature parts), and if I didnt know it was an acceptance, I'd think it was one of those junk mail things colleges send early in the year, the ones w/ the huge colorful viewbooks and stuff.</p>