Email regarding missing CalGrant GPA?

<p>My son got an email saying his school is supposed to submit a GPA to the California Student Aid Commission. </p>

<p>I am confused! He didn't apply to any state or UC schools but did apply to two private schools in California. We're homeschoolers and he did fill out the FAFSA. </p>

<p>Does he still need to do this? Our income would not qualify him for a Cal Grant (between 70 and 80K).</p>


<p>Cal Grants are also given to Calif students who attend privates in Calif.</p>

<p>As for the income issue....don't know what the cutoffs are...not sure it's set in stone.</p>

<p>Since B&G thresholds have risen, perhaps the thresholds for Cal Grants has risen as well.</p>

<p>Thanks, mom. I went ahead and sent them what they wanted.</p>