Email to regional admissions officer?

<p>I was accepted early into my top choice and already enrolled for next year. However, I would like to change my course schedule for second semester senior year by dropping regular environmental science. I will not be majoring in any science and this is not an AP course (in fact, I didn't sign up for the class to begin with). I got an A first semester in this class. I called my school's admissions office and they said to email my regional admission officer. </p>

<p>How do I address this email? Dear<strong><em>? Ms _</em></strong>? Also, if you have time to read it over, how does this look?</p>

<p>Dear Ms ____,</p>

<p>I have a question about altering my schedule for second semester of senior year. I would like to withdraw from the class Environmental Science for the second semester. Our school offers seven class periods. I have seven classes and one independent study class and would like more time to dedicate to my other classes and activities. Would withdrawing from this class in any way be a problem or affect my enrollment at Stanford next year? </p>

<p>Thank you,</p>

<p>It sounds kind of like I'm slacking off reading it back, but I honestly spend many hours a week outside of school on my ECs and didn't manage all As this past semester. I'm confident that with an extra period I can get all As and have more time to spend on ECs. </p>

<p>Also, in the note my officer sent me with my admissions letter she specifically mentioned my ECs. They were a major part of my app.</p>

<p>Any advice? I need to get this email out today...</p>

<p>Your email seems fine.</p>

<p>Have a great time at Stanford!</p>

<p>Good! and thanks, will do.</p>